Smart Badge

Get the most out of your badge reader

At Logistics & Automation every visitor will receive a badge with an integrated chip: the Smart Badge. This badge allows visitors to scan the badge reader in order to receive additional information about exhibitors.

After their exhibition visit, visitors receive an e-mail with an overview of all exhibitors they have scanned. The more extensive the online profile, the more relevant information the visitor collects. The information is sent directly from your My Easyfairs profile.


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How does it work?

To improve the visitor experience, all exhibitors will receive a badge reader. This is part of the EasyGo package. The reader’s wireless sensor transmits both product and company information that you’ve uploaded to your My Easyfairs environment.

How does it work?

By scanning the badge with your badge reader, your visitors will automatically receive product and company information (only the information that you’ve uploaded via My Easyfairs) at the end of the day via email.



If you have GoVisibility, you can still upgrade to GoPlus to get the list of visitors who have scanned the badge reader(s) at your stand.

What do you have to do during Logistics & Automation?

  1. Collect your ready-to-use badge reader during the set-up day at the Business Point
  2. Place the badge reader on your stand: in the view of your visitor, easily accessible and at the right height for easy scanning
  3. Remove the strip on your badge reader and place it in the middle of the circle of the cardboard
  4. The batteries of the badge reader will last the whole exhibition
  5. Return the badge reader to the Business Point at the end of the
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